Sport Management

European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management by AMOS

Prepare yourself for the management of global sports companies and organisations. It is taught entirely in English.

By studying sport management as a profession, you will be able to manage sport organisations and companies. You will be able to manage specific areas within the sector, such as sport event management, club marketing and sponsorship, human resources and finance, specialising in aspects of the sport industry, such as athlete management, volunteering and events, among others.



September 2024

YEAR 1 & 2

Professional project

Optional cohesion seminar


1 compulsory academic semester in France (Paris or Nice)

1 semester of international work experience

4-month internship

An optional 5-day seminar in Barcelona

  • Pedagogical objectives

    • Gain a global understanding of the sports industry and sports businesses, entities, and organizations in particular.
    • Develop the ability to lead, manage, advise, and evaluate sports businesses, entities, and organizations.
    • Practical learning of sports business management through classroom sessions, academic trips, case studies, language training, and management skills.
    • Explore the sports industry from within: through volunteering and 4-month internships abroad.
    • Acquire the knowledge to identify business opportunities that enhance your employability.
    • Build your professional network through teachers, industry professionals, peers, and internships.
  • Courses and Rhythm

    • Initial training only
  • Evaluation methods

    Our students are assessed throughout the academic year by continuous assessment (homework, case studies, oral presentations, etc.) and in mid-term sessions. A professional dissertation will be produced and presented to a jury at the end of the 3rd year. Certification is obtained by capitalising on all the skill blocks and defending the end-of-study dissertation in English.

    Certification is conditional upon validation of all the common skill blocks of the qualification, enabling the student to practise the profession, and validation of a professional thesis.
    Assessment is based on the blocks of skills that make up the qualification. These include: simulations of work situations, submission of a written professional dissertation following a 4-month end-of-studies work placement and oral defence of the professional dissertation.

  • Teaching methods

    Practical methodology: with the support and experience of professional teachers from the sports industry, you will be trained through classroom sessions and the case study method.

    You will be at the center of your education, stimulating your participation, critical thinking, and teamwork; we will work with you on learning and practicing technical skills and soft skills in sports management.

  • Prerequisites

    • Completion of the French Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign secondary education diploma.
    • Successful completion of the university entrance exam.
    • A European B2 level of English proficiency is required.
  • Career Opportunities

    • Your own company
    • Marketing
    • Sponsorship
    • Organization of sports events
    • Management of sports facilities
    • Management of sports clubs
    • Business development
    • Internationalization
  • Certifications

    Bachelor’s Degree in “Marketing et evenementiel sport” (Sports marketing and event management). Registered in the National Register of Professional Certification in France, Level 6, recognized by the French State (Official Gazette of 14/02/20). Obtaining 180 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)*

    *The RNCP title is a foreign official title recognized by French authorities and does not have the status of an official title in Spain. If you seek the homologation of the RNCP certification in Spain in the future, you must apply for the recognition of a foreign university title obtained in a foreign education system before the Ministry of Universities in Spain. This website was updated in February 2024, but the Ministry of Universities in Spain reserves the right to modify it for academic, legal, or commercial reasons.

  • Tuition fees

    • Year 1 : 7.750€

    Two volunteer periods

    Optional academic trip (1 week, 890€ not included in the 1st-year payment)

    • Year 2 : 7.790€

    Two volunteer periods

    • Year 3 : starting from 8.750€

    4-month internship abroad

    Individual support to secure your first job

    Development of your business plan in English and defense in English.

  • Academic Programme

    Main Modules per year :

    Year 1

    1- Business Economics and Finance

    2- Digital Marketing and Communication

    3- Sports Events

    4- Introduction to the sports industry

    5- Management Skills

    6- Digital Tools

    7- General Law

    8- Social and Sustainability in Business

    9- International Languages

    10- Professional Experience

    11- Professional Tools

    Year 2

    1- Business Economics and Finance II

    2- Digital Marketing and Communication II

    3- Sports Events II

    4- Management Skills II

    5- Digital Tools II

    6- Sports Law 

    7- Social and Sustainability in Business II

    8- Entrepreneurship

    9- e-Sports

    10- International Languages

    11- Professional Experience II

    12- Professional Tools II

    Year 3

    1- Economics and Finance III

    2- Digital Marketing and Communication III

    3- Sports Events III

    4- Management Skills III

    5- Digital Tools III

    6- Sports Law II

    7- Social and Sustainability in Business III

    8- Entrepreneurship II

    9- e-Sports II

    10- International Languages 

    11- Professional Experience III

    12- Professional Tools III

    13- Final Project and ThesisIndividual Coaching:


    • 4 months: Internship in sports organisations outside Spain.
    • Mentoring to get your first job
    • Volunteering:

    From the beginning of the programme you will be able to volunteer to gain professional experience.

  • Campus Location

    ACE Madrid: Paseo del Prado 40, access via Calle Cenicero, 9 Madrid (28014), Spain (EU)
    ACE Valencia: Blasco Ibáñez Campus, Valencia, Spain C/ Ramón Llull 19, 46021, Valencia

that recruit our students

Equipment manufacturers, sports equipment distributors

  • Adidas
  • Quicksilver
  • Madewis
  • Sporeo
  • Billabong
  • Lacoste
  • Le Coq Sportif
  • Nike
  • Renault Sport Racing
  • Salomon
  • Asics
  • New Balance
  • Decathlon
  • New Balance

Media and new media

  • Webedia
  • Canal+
  • L’Equipe
  • M6
  • RMC
  • Media 365
  • RTL
  • Le Vestiaire Nantais

Fitness and recreational sports sector

  • UCPA
  • FDJ
  • Uban Soccer
  • Winamax
  • Neoness
  • Recrea
  • Urban Challenge
  • Hoops Factory
  • Keep Cool
  • Le Five
  • Letrot
  • Simalti
  • L’Orange Bleue
  • Go Park
  • PMU
  • AS Fitness

Marketing, communication and digital sport consultancies

  • Havas Sport & Entertainment
  • Quaterback
  • Opta
  • Lagardere Sports and Entertainment
  • Sportlab Group
  • Orange
  • Sporteasy
  • Youfoot
  • EDF
  • BCM Sports
  • LOSC
  • Stadline

Federation and Sports clubs

  • Stade Rennais
  • FC Nantes
  • Fenix Handball
  • Stade Toulousain
  • Fontenilles FC
  • JSA
  • Chelsea Football Club
  • A.S Monaco
  • NBA
  • RC Lens
  • LOSC
  • French Table Tennis Federation
  • OM
  • OL
  • Nice Volley-ball

Student Experience

Lisa 3rd-year student of Bachelor Marketing & Sports Events

“This program has given me a lot, thanks to the many internships and professional experiences I’ve had. I’ve discovered many different fields, such as commerce, communication, events management... I was able to meet industry professionals and expand my network! The possibility of going abroad in the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s program to London or Madrid is a real plus. Not only linguistically, but also personally and professionally.”

Nathalie Graduated student

“During my training in the GSBM, I had access to the highest levels of expertise regarding sport international business in Europe, in Asia and in the USA with a focus on the newest trends in industry. The real added value of the programme has been the international lecturers, who have large and diversified experience. Throughout these two years, I learnt how to manage multiple projects with deadlines to meet, which allowed me to gain professional experience finalised with a contract in the UK.”