ACE Education

We train not only graduates, but also confident and competent future leaders, ready to meet the future’s challenges.

ACE Mission

ACE Education is a real gateway to the future for all professionals wishing to move into passionate professions. We create multiple synergies to meet their ambitions.

Specialized in higher education, ACE Education brings together a range of schools, a large network of industries and experts.

With our innovative teaching methods, we reveal potential and talent in line with the constantly evolving professions of the future for which we provide training.

Discover our expertises
Discover our expertises

ACE Philosophy

ACE Project’s educational model is based on 4 fundamental pillars:

Growing Collaboratively

Our network model unites schools and industry partners, facilitating shared resources today, and investing collectively in building new tools for the future.


Learning Experientially

With coursework and curriculum laser-focused on applied academics, we prioritize real-world skills and problem solving throughout degree programs, project work, and extra-curricular organizations.


Thinking Intersectionally

A culture of curiosity inspires us to question and challenge convention, facilitating progressive conversations amongst students, across disciplines, within campuses, and between schools and the industry.


Empowering Individuality

We seek out students and faculty who enrich our community with unique passions and perspectives, investing in campuses that continue to nurture diversity and creativity, even as our network expands.


ACE Offer

Our main objective is to prepare our students for professional success by providing them with a full range of tools and resources. We firmly believe that our graduate programs go beyond the acquisition of academic knowledge. We enable our students to project themselves and build a promising future, preparing them for positions of responsibility in their chosen field. Our training programs are designed to produce not only graduates, but also confident and competent future leaders, ready to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Prestigious academics

    with programs recognized by market-leading companies and organizations.

  • Hands-on experience

    via coursework and projects designed in partnership with inspiring businesses

  • Real-word education

    from working faculty who bring industry case studies into the classroom.

  • International mobility

    supported by a global network of schools, campuses, and work/study opportunities

  • Interdisciplinary enrichment

    enabled by diverse expertise across a network of schools, campuses, and work/study opportunities

  • Living campuses

    which balance a large network with the family spirit of personal attentionand support.

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