ACE offer

Evolve in a virtuous context of continuous innovation

  • We prepare our students for the professions of the future by providing them with a full range of tools and resources.
  • We enable them to build a promising future and prepare them for positions of responsibility in their chosen fields.
  • We train not only graduates, but also confident and competent future leaders, ready to meet the challenges of the future.
Our offer
Our offer

ACE philosophy

Transmitting values and expertise to reveal talents

  • ACE Education is a genuine gateway to the future for all professionals wishing to move into passionate professions. We create multiple synergies to meet their ambitions.
  • Specialized in higher education, ACE Education brings together a range of schools, a broad network of industries and experts in the field.
  • With our innovative teaching methods, we reveal potential and talent in line with the constantly evolving professions of the future for which we provide training.

ACE network

The industry

Beyond our schools, ACE connects a constellation of industry opportunities, including :

  • Partners on the local, and international level
  • Professors working in leading industry roles
  • Seminars with inspiring employers
  • Guest-taught masterclasses
  • Real-world project work and events

Together, this mesh network of schools and industry opportunities, encompasses the ACE Network. The Network is our functional offering – it differentiates us functionally from our competition.

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ACE Education group
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ACE Education group

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